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My Famous Shoes Collection

October 28, 2020

I’m 40. My famous shoes collection started about 25 years ago, when...

How To Sew Gaynor Mindens

September 19, 2020


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Wrong Food Habits That Age You

October 28, 2020

Have you ever wondered whether the foods you give to your body...

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5 Easy Tips To Maintain Your Luxury Handbags!

The excellent quality handbag is designed for women to use for a lifetime. But if not handled with care, nothing can stop it from destroying. So if you too want to maintain the bag for a long time, then it is essential to know some tips which will keep your luxury handbags long-lasting. So let’s see what tips are there to maintain our handbags long-lasting.

  • Cover And Stuff The Handbag

In the eyes of many people, they think that stuffing the bag with stuff will ruin their bag. But actually, it is wrong and not in line with the fashion world. Furthermore, the more you stuff it, the better your handbag will look once you stuff them up to its very last hole. So if you want to stuff your handbag, then make sure that they are provided with padding or stuffing. That will keep them from damage or do not affect them at all.

  • Take Care Of Hardware Too

Handbags are meant to carry stuff and have other benefits that all can avail. They have a lot of hardware like zips, eyelets, and other details, which are meant to be used for opening and closing the bag. But most of the time, these things will get damaged or also cause harm to the handbag because people do not take care of them. These zips and chains and other accessories only make it look more luxurious.

  • Keep Away From Perfumes

Perfumes have a very harmful effect on the bag because they will cause chemicals that will cause holes in your bag. Many women are fond of buying perfumes that will come with the bag itself, but they will also cause damage to your handbag because they have strong chemicals that can easily break the fabric of your bag. The only way is to use fragrance-free luxury handbags. You must clean the handbag if you spill or spray the fragrance.

  • Clean It Often

We all are very fond of wearing new clothes, but it is not enough that you wear new clothes every day because if you are wearing something new daily, it will start getting damaged. So try to use your bags only when you need to utilize their usage. And if they wear out, replace them by buying some more handbags and not letting your old ones wear out. This will prevent them from getting scratches and damage.

  • Protection On The Handbags

You have to use protection on your bags and make them look like a new ones. In this way, you can use it for a longer period, and even after many years, you will not see any difference in your bag. So use protection on that bag often and let them get long-lasting for a long period. You can also keep your handbag in the cover that you got while you purchase them when not in use.

These are some tips that can be used to maintain the quality of your luxury handbags for a long period. Also, you can use these tips even if you still have a bag that is not yet worn out. However, the more you use it and the more you will utilize it, the better handbags will look after many years.

Laser Liposuction- A Great Way to Deal with the Unwanted Fat

If you are suffering from unwanted fats and sagging, you can consider liposuction instead of opting for complex surgeries. This process uses lasers to liquefy all the fat of a particular body before removing it. It makes the process easy and reliable.

After which, the fat is vacuumed out via liposuction. This process is perfect if you want firmer, smoother, and tighten skin without any difficulty. Not only this, but it also helps to boost the production of collagen in the area where lasers are used and makes it refreshed.

There is plenty of skin and later center nj available. You can choose according to your preference and get a slip and shaped body. The process usually takes three to four months overall, depending on the percentage of fat available.

Remember, liposuction is not magic. It is just a treatment and takes time to get the desired results. So you have to keep patience and monitor your progress.

Benefits of laser liposuction

  • No surgery required

Unlike traditional liposuction, which requires surgery to remove all the access body fat, laser liposuction does not need it. Instead, it is a minimally invasive procedure that is undertaken by providing a small dose of anesthesia to control the movements.

Along with that, it is pretty reliable and affordable as compared to extensive surgeries. People even start working 3-4 days after laser liposuction. However, the results vary from person to person.

Similar to any other laser treatment, this liposuction also includes laser energy levels to cut down all the excessive fat produced in the body. However, these low-level waves are not harmful and only focus on the area to be treated.

The laser penetrates the skin and weakens the wall of the fatty cells. Then, a small cannula is pushed under the skin area, which needs treatment to melt the fat. While doing liposuction, you may feel discomfort, swelling, or minimal bruising. So do not worry as it is pretty standard.

  • Reduces saggy skin

Liposuction helps to promote collagen and elasticity in your body. It is the protein found in the body that triggers reducing the sagging skin. While performing traditional liposuction, you may see some of the sagging skin left behind when the fat is removed and liquefied.

But in laser liposuction, the body will be more sculpted. You will visibly see all the designed changes, the toned areas, and the contoured appearance. Patients who underwent this procedure see drastic changes in their bodies.

Just make sure you follow all the tips given by the presentational in your journey of the laser. In addition, there are several skin and laser center nj available where you can go and treat your unwanted fat particles.

  • Tightens the skin

It is evident that if your body has excessive fat present, it will lose shape. The laser liposuction helps you remove that unwanted fat, tightens your body, and gives it a better appearance. In addition, this process gets rid of excess fat cells.

Indeed, it also freezes the area’s fat cells to be treated for the following procedure. Laser liposuction usually takes three to four sittings depending on the proportion of fat content available in your body. You will feel dizziness and fatigue, which will be fine after 2-4 hours of the treatment.

  • Quick recovery

As the laser liposuction uses either no incisions or minimal incisions, the recovery time is quicker than other extensive surgeries.

It is a minimal-invasive procedure that requires just a small dose of anesthesia, and the work is done. Even there are some patients who have resumed their job within 3-4 days of this process. You can even get discharged from the laser center on that same day.

That is why; this treatment is not just quick by time but also fast by recovery. Along with that, you will also feel less swelling and bruising than during lengthy procedures.

  • Lower risk

Compared to traditional liposuction, which requires extensive doses and a high amount of cutting and edging, which involves so much risk. This laser liposuction is relatively safe and secure. In addition, there is less risk of injection in this kind of process as the incision is only one to two millimeters.

The risk is not entirely vanished, but it is far more reduced and a safe option to consider. A cutting-edge procedure that improves your appearance without having trouble is the best to consider.

  • Less maintenance

Liposuction is quite pocket-friendly as compared to traditional one and surgeries. If you prefer to lose the excess fat of your body and you are choosing surgeries, then opt for laser liposuction instead.

They are less expensive and give you more benefits and desired results than surgeries.

Precautions to take after laser liposuction

  • Prefer compression garments

Compression garments will help you to keep up in shape. They will hug your body very well and support it. This type of clothes is often made of nylon. This type of garment is mainly utilize to enhance recovery post-laser liposuction.

  • Drink a lot of water

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated after and before liposuction. Your body requires a lot of water to stay fit and in shape. Dehydration leads to pain and dizziness, which can cause severe effects.

  • Avoid stepping out in excessive heat

Avoiding heat exposure after 4-5 weeks of laser liposuction is essential. The fat in the body is melted out in this process, and stepping in the sun can cause you problems like dehydration and swelling, and sweating, which delay your recovery.

The final verdict

Laser liposuction is an excellent way to opt if you want to remove excess fat without any restrictions and complications. There are several benefits and require just minimum prevention. In addition, you can choose your preferred laser center and shape your body back as earlier.

Medical Spas-Some of the Reasons for Using It

Medical spas are not similar to any other spas; this medi-spa uses a combination of medical procedures and traditional relaxations. The professional offers you several services from head to toe for your refreshment.

Every small and big facility is available in medical spas, from massaging to treatments. It is a great way to pamper you and change for the best. Professional doctors and nurses supervise these spas.

While today are more bothered about the skin issues, they are surfing, and regardless of how many treatments they take, it is still ineffective. But this medical spa gives them to try their treatments with complete satisfaction.

A wide range of sessions is provided for your convenience. It is a great way to relax and treat you with fun. If you are still confused, see the reasons for using a medical spa rather than visiting a regular doctor.

It promotes health and makes you relax

Health and wellness spa is the space where you can start a healthy lifestyle at ease. It is the best choice to make if you want to improve your health and change your life.

These medical spas use several traditional treatments to release all your stress and burden and make you feel calm.

Do you know that almost all medical spas use ancient methods to treat any of your disorders, either pain or stress? It is because it is still considered that taking pills is not a permanent solution, but traditional ancient methods work from the inside out and give effective long-term results.

For instance, Med Spa in Pensacola, FL provides several cures for muscle pain, body acne, and much more.

Makes skin refresh

The medical spas offer a wide range of chemical peels, laser treatments, and Botox, which help you rejuvenate your beauty.

You can use these services to treat your skin disorders like acne, vitiligo, blackness or whiteness, etc. The treatments provided in medical spas are more effective and control your disease from within.

It helps remove permanent scarring, reduce hypertension and fine lines, and make your skin look healthy. In addition, the medical spa uses a particular treatment room with some relaxing aroma to release all your tension and enjoy your experience.

It also helps to improve your blood circulation and makes you get rid of any toxins and waste products present in your skin. If you are tired of facing unwanted hair on your face, you can also try laser treatments.

 There are immense types of services available. Go check out any pamper you with the best. Do not settle for less by going to an average doctor; instead, visit these medical spas and make your experience worthwhile.

Weight loss

If you are suffering from excessive weight and facing issues in reducing it, visiting a medical spa will help you tackle your weight traditionally. However, today, almost 40% of people are obese, so health issues are growing widely.

If you are under that list, visit the medical spa to promote a healthy life and improve your overall body health. But, unfortunately, the steps taken to make you lose weight are entirely ancient.

They reformulate the products to eliminate the extensive sugar, saturated fat, and the content of sodium in food. In addition, this spa offers you to carry out your journey with celebrity trainers and wellness gurus.

It is a worthy journey if you are willing to lose some extra pounds and bring them back to your original shape.

Advance technology

These medical spas use cut edging technology to make your experience worthwhile. In addition, these technologies easily explore your health-related issues and provide a beneficial solution to cater to them.

It will help the therapist work effectively on your desired part and make you feel better. Several massages and treatments are available that provide instant results and make your health issue vanish. The results of treatments will completely astonish you.

Long term health issues

If you are one of those suffering from any long-term illness like vitiligo or insomnia, which was incurable earlier, you can now get the treatment in these medical spas.

They usually are personalized and use traditional methods to treat you. However, it is entirely more effective than any other treatment you take. It will make your disease cure with better results and long-lasting results.

This personal treatment measures your issue’s root and cuts down that root to vanish it. Make sure you visit these medical spas if you face any illness or want to relax and pamper yourself. Go check out and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Tips For Summer With Varicose Veins

Swimsuit season is almost here and now is the time to get your body ready for the beach. That means eating healthy and exercising regularly. But what to do about the imperfections that can’t be fixed with diet and exercise? One of these common imperfections is a condition known as varicose or spider veins. This most often occurs in the veins of the legs and happens when too much blood collects in the veins but does not flow out. Instead, more and more blood collects there which causes the vein to swell and protrude from the skin with a raised and bluish appearance.

Wearing compressive socks may be recommended by your vein specialists. Long, extra-tight socks pressure the leg veins, helping blood to leak to the circulation instead of pooling in varicose veins. Compression socks can help with midsummer stiffness and gravity, which can make physical activity difficult. So make sure to check vein doctor specialist near me.

It’s the midst of summertime, and everyone else around you is wearing shorts, skirts, and maxi dresses. You, on the other hand, may have worries about showing your feet in public, which is reasonable.  Varicose veins cause more than just side affects; numerous people experience a loss of self-esteem and confidence as a result of them. The unattractive, swelling bulging streaks might making you hesitant to show display your knees, which may not be a difficulty in the season but could be a big challenge in the july.

The difference between varicose and spider veins is the location and size of the vein in question. Spider veins are small blood vessels just under the surface of the skin. Varicose veins are deeper underneath the skin and considerably larger than their spider vein counterparts. The cause of these veins is often attributed to long periods of standing or sitting, hereditary causes, pregnancy, menopause, and obesity. Often times, people with this condition do not experience any symptoms. However, some people experience swelling, itching, and a weary feeling in their legs, particularly after prolonged sitting or standing. Varicose veins can sometimes indicate a blockage in the deeper veins, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis. This is a condition that may necessitate medical attention. There are non-invasive ways to mitigate the effects of varicose veins. The first is to simply elevate the feet every night. This will encourage any blood that has collected in the veins to flow out. Another technique to relieve the discomfort caused by varicose veins is to use compression garments. These medical compressions garments put pressure on the veins and thus blood is discouraged from collecting in these veins. They decrease swelling and improve blood circulation.

Other options for varicose vein treatment include laser vein treatment. In this procedure a laser is used to cauterize the vein. The vein then fades with the stopped blood flow. For varicose veins, the tube is put into a tube and inserted into these larger veins. For spider veins, the laser is used directly on the vein. The laser heats the vein and in response scar tissue is formed. This cuts off blood flow to the vein and, after a while, with this sustained impeded blood flow, the vein shrinks and eventually disappears. For optimal results, the procedure may have to be performed more than once and spread out over a period of several weeks.

Why it is must to add CoolSculpting To Your Post-Quarantine Wellness List?

Coolsculpting uses a refreshing spray of water to remove unwanted fat from the body. It’s often used by patients who have undergone liposuction or by individuals wanting to lose weight. To develop and maintain healthy skin, it’s always important to wash your face. However, not all face washes are created equal; many are heavily scented and made with irritating ingredients that can irritate your sensitive facial skin.

While moisturizers and masks can be used to combat dryness and wrinkles, a spray cleaner is a great alternative to face washes. These cleansers are cleansing but gentle on the skin, so they’re ideal for people with sensitive skin. In addition, some studies show that these types of sprays can reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines over time.

What’s more, sprays allow you to cleanse your face without using much water or soap. Instead, you simply mist the product on your skin and rub it around. This makes removing dirt from the pores easier than washing with a liquid cleanser.

 How Is Coolsculpting Beneficial For You?

Coolsculpting works by removing fat cells. It does this by freezing the fat cells, which means they can’t regenerate or re-grow. Once they are removed, the fat cells will decompose, and your body will expel them naturally through your kidneys over time. Finally, our skin is naturally lubricated with oil that helps you stay hydrated and healthy.

You may be surprised to learn that many medical conditions can lead to dry skin, including psoriasis, pregnancy, and menopause. Sprays help ensure you’re continuously protecting your skin from irritation caused by those conditions by keeping it hydrated with essential oil formulas designed for sensitive skin types.

Why go for Coolsculpting?

The average person has roughly 10 pounds of subcutaneous fat in their body. This fat is located directly beneath the skin just under the muscle layer and is found in your abdomen, hips, and arms. Subcutaneous fat rolls you up into a bit of ball and gives your muscles that double chin look.

The worst part about this is that it’s not only unsightly but also unhealthy because it’s a massive contributor to weight gain. People who have more subcutaneous fat are more prone to weight gain than those who don’t because their bodies are storing excess calories as subcutaneous fat instead of burning them off for use.

Cost Of Getting Coolsculpting

The coolsculpting nj groupon cost will vary by region, but you can expect to pay between $800 and $1200 depending on the location and provider. The device used in the procedure is FDA approved and has decreased fat cell volume by about 25-33% with each treatment.

It does not burn, remove or damage fat cells in any way. Instead, it freezes them to naturally break down and be expelled out of the body over time because they are no longer needed or viable.

Need Of Aftercare After Micro-needling, Stages Of Healing, And Some Tips

An encroaching cosmetic technique that braces the circulation of your blood is known as micro-needling. This technique is commonly used to upgrade the advent of scars on your face and also to grow the production of connective tissue. The preparation of this technique requires many hours, and this method is unadorned in every aspect.

Why is care essential after this procedure?

Facts that are never the topic of discussion are the aftercare you need after the process of micro-needling. Generally, this method penetrates the skin of the face, and it requires a lengthy amount of time to recover. To protect your face skin, there are some tips you need to follow after this procedure.

Although if you are carrying out this procedure by yourself at home. The need for extra care for your face skin is essential after this technique. Before going to the healing stages, let’s first talk about the advantages of micro-needling.

Most people carry out this to make the texture of their skin smooth. By increasing the production of connective tissue it helps to renovate the face skin, and it can help you in numerous factors such as,

  • Dwindle the scars of acne.
  • Soothe the fine lines.
  • It helps in shrinking pores.
  • It also adds brightness to your skin.
  • Dims the advent of stretch marks on your face.
  • It helps your skin to fight the damages produced by ultraviolet rays and also tackles the age spots.

Healing stages of micro-needling

After finishing the procedure of this cosmetic technique, few side effects are expected. Your face color may turn satisfied and bright red, which looks like you have been in the sun for an extended period. Looks like a sunburn. No need to worry this will fade away after 2 or 3 days, but other stages like a blister of skin and absconding may take a while to recover.

Several detectable restores after this process happen after 48 to 72 hours, but the recovery will be ongoing under your skin for around one and a half or two months. 

You can also experience swelling of your face skin, which also lasts for about 48 hours.

There can be some other side effects like collision, crashing, and flaky skin. These side effects are not visible to everyone.

Aftercare tips

  • Protection from the sun. After this process, it is essential to properly apply sunscreen on the skin and avoid going into the sun for a while.
  • Avoid infection. Use any cream that is antibiotic but first get a recommendation from the doctor.
  • Don’t use makeup to cover the redness of your face skin, and this can lead to some severe damage to your skin.

Taking aftercare after the process of micro-needling can prevent many critical circumstances from appearing on your face skin. The improvement in the skin can be shortly visible after you compare the micro-needling pen before and after. You can also take advice from your skincare doctors to follow the after process of micro-needling.

How To Become A Group Exercise Instructor

My first fitness love and my favorite part of working in the fitness industry is group exercise. I love the rush and excitement that come from standing in front of a room of people working hard and I love encouraging participants work to their maximum potential. I have been a group ex instructor for five years and have accumulated all sorts of certifications. Transferring from the world of dance to fitness wasn’t a huge stretch but it did require a fair amount of research. Being a group exercise instructor is exhilarating and rewarding, and here’s how you can become one.


The most important part of being a group exercise instructor is having strong knowledge base. The first certification I recommend earning is a primary or basic group exercise certification. There are several national organizations that offer a widely accepted certification at an affordable price. Obtaining a national certification will enable you to answer questions and offer advice with factual understanding of the human body. When I started teaching classes, I was approached after every class with a new issue or question that I was not able to answer. Once I earned my primary group exercise certification from AFAA I was able to begin helping participants stay safe and progress toward their goals. In my opinion, the following companies are the most reputable and widely accepted for a primary group exercise certification.

There are hundreds of companies that offer a basic group exercise course but I suggest one of these three. It would be a shame to put the time, effort, and funds into obtaining a certification that is not commonly known. After you have your primary certification, you will be able to choose specialized formats to teach. Some formats offer their own certification courses like, Zumba, Les Mills, and Schwinn. Each format course is different but most ask for continuing education credits or a membership to maintain a current license.


Once you are certified the real fun begins. Start by finding a mentor at your current gym. Knowing someone who has the knowledge base and experience will enable you to seek advice and learn. Take as many classes as you can and start to pay attention to the details within the class. Does the instructor do something you want to emulate or make mistakes that you do not want to repeat? Do you like the music? Does the instructor keep you motivated or do you find your mind wandering?

Start really listening to the music when you take classes and look for music that you might want to use. A great place to look is Start to plan sample classes so you can build your class repertoire and be prepared for job interviews. I always have at least one generic boot camp and one spin class on hand just in case I have to teach last minute.

Next begin practicing your cues and coaching. Try teaching your family members or close friends for a fun practice session. Once you feel comfortable, try asking a fellow instructor or a few gym members if they would be willing to take a practice class from you. (Make sure you check with your gym before using any of the facilities.)


Once you feel prepared to start teaching on your own, it’s time to find a job. Begin your search with your current gym and branch out to facilities you would enjoy working at. Before your first interview, don’t forget to scroll through my tips on how to have a successful fitness interview.

-Continue learning-

Joining the group exercise industry is an exciting and exhilarating career choice. Each day will bring new challenges and push you to improve your skills. As instructors, we are always students and need to continue our education in order to give our participants the most valuable experience. Attend workshops, conferences, and conventions whenever possible. Gain new certifications and explore other aspects of the fitness industry. The more you learn and the more experience you gain, the better instructor you will become.

Things To Know About Installing Splashbacks

You might wonder about all the recent hype about Splashbacks. They have become increasingly popular because they are really useful in the kitchen. Splashbacks are essential to shield your dividers and cabinetry from dampness and warmth, oils and cooking deposit. They’re imperative especially behind your stovetop and behind your sink. They are additionally an extraordinary approach to get some shading, surface, and life to your general kitchen outline. You can choose between materials such as tiles, glass, stones like marble and rock, and many others. Some people wonder whether they can DIY splashbacks, yet it’s not prescribed without experience.

Important Things to Know about Installing Splashbacks

The most effortless establishment alternative would be medium-position tiles. In the event that introduced accurately with the right substrate on the dividers, this ought to last you more than twenty years. The most smoking pattern right now is to wrap your stone seat top up the divider to make a consistent look, furthermore geometric or designed tiles. Some people do not feel like introducing a splashback is necessary although it can be very useful because they are afraid that they would have to pay a huge sum of money for it.

Introducing splashbacks into your kitchen does not actually need to be an expensive venture. This could be anywhere in the range of three hundred to one thousand and three hundred dollars. The most costly introduce choice is the point at which you require tiles, and the cost is subject to the size and trouble of laying the tile. Pyrex Panels wind up being the least expensive choice as they are modest to introduce and are a financially savvy item. Any strong stone like marble or rock would be the most costly to buy, as they are the most costly item and come in chunks that should be fitted.

Wrong Food Habits That Age You

Have you ever wondered whether the foods you give to your body in fact provides it with its overall nutrition requirement or not! If not, its high time you should analyze your food habits, more so if you are fond of junk food, these are really the aging foods! Highly processed, refined foods or sugary, fatty foods may be tasty and fulfilling but are found to be harmful for your age in the long term. These foods cause irreparable damage to your body and and also make you age faster. In fact, not only these aging foods but the manner in which you eat- your food habits- too can lead to aging at a faster rate!

Why Wrong Food Habits Lead to Aging

What we eat has its effects on every part of your body, from the skin to bones to connective tissue and even your nervous system. Your eating habits are a major determinant in how fast you would age. Of course the occasional splurging won’t harm you as such and wouldn’t affect you a lot but making it a daily habit is what causes the damage. Foods that have zero to only a little nutritional value may damage the collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and youthful. They do not positively contribute to body cell turnover like the healthy foods do. In fact, the wrong foods and the wrong food habits hamper the normal life of our bodily cells!

Sometimes the environment in which you are eating or the pace at which you eat may also age you faster. For example, stressed environment and eating in a jiffy! These things lead to secretion of various hormones in the body that do not let you get the full value of food you eat. They hamper proper absorption of nutrients present in the food. But how? You will know this later in the article when we individually discuss the food habits that age you.

The benefits of reforming your eating patterns are that it will not only allow you to control your weight but also increase your levels of vitality and immunity. And as they say, good nutrition is a fundamental block of healthy skin and healthy body as well.

Food Habits that Age you Faster!

What are the general food habits that make you look and feel years older than what you actually are? Lets know them. Also know how you can fix those bad food habits that may be aging you at a rate faster than you can imagine!

Eating Fast Food- All Taste and No Nutrients Make you Age Faster

Yes! As you had expected, fast foods made with all that hydrogenated oils are the foods that age you. Stuffed with Trans fat which is a hazardous concoction of vegetable oil and hydrogen atoms, makes for a great aging agent. Fast food causes inflammation, which ages you from inside, by harming the telomeres of your chromosomes. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes, just as the ends of your shoelaces. The shorter the telomeres, the more aged you will be as their decreasing length harms the efficiency of your chromosomes. This change in chromosomes affects the ability of regenerating your organs.

The Trans fat is also responsible for collecting fat on the walls of the cells in your body. This fat creates patchy walls on the cells which hampers their growth and result in clogging the system. Fast food lacks nutrition and deteriorates your body from within. Remove fast food from your daily platter if stay healthy and young for longer. The least you can do is scan the menu of the restaurant you are eating in and look for the ingredients used. If you see hydrogenated oil there, be sure that transfats are going to enter your body and contribute in your aging process. So, better not eat that fast food!

Having a Sweet Tooth- Not Actually Sweet When it Comes to Aging!

Products containing sucrose, which is again a highly refined and processed version of plant sugar, work disasters on your body. The human body has limited capability of breaking down sugar and the amount of sugar consumption that we have today makes it really difficult for our systems to break the sugar down. This results in concentration of sugar into the blood. This excess sugar slows down your body’s repair mechanism. This also shows up on the skin. As this sugar damages the collagen, your skin loses elasticity and firmness and it starts wrinkling at a faster rate. This makes you look older than what you actually are. Choosing natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup over the processed sugar will keep you safeguarded from all the aging damage that can be caused by processed refined sugars.

Diet loaded with Refined Carbohydrates- Not so Fine to Avoid Aging

Simple carbohydrates or the refined and starchy ones are no less better than sugars. They are in fact sugars in disguise. As soon as you eat them, your blood-sugar levels go high and your body releases a large amount of insulin in order to help cells convert the food’s energy into fuel. This is because it thinks the food will need so much of insulin but in fact, refined carbohydrates don’t need so much of insulin. As a reaction of this excessive insulin your blood sugar now drop and you feel hungry again, sometimes within few minutes. This is called insulin resistance, that gives you age-related diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

Change this food habit and start having complex carbohydrates like legumes, and whole grains. Your body needs longer time to digest whole grains and thus sugar is released in your system in a slow and steady manner.

Long Gaps between Meals- Eating all at once Leads to Aging

Leaving long intervals between two meals, or eating only when feeling really hungry results in directly overeating, this is a major cause of obesity in today’s times. There is a hormone called Ghrelin which is released by the body when there has been no food intake for long. This

My Famous Shoes Collection

I’m 40. My famous shoes collection started about 25 years ago, when my feet stopped growing. Since that moment, I was so happy that I never had to worry again that my favorite pair of boots would fit me for only one season. I was thrilled that I can wear many years in a row my Nike shoes, my Air Force Ones sneakers, or my Jordan shoes. It’s useless to say that as a child, my parents refused to buy me expensive shoes, because they argued I’d wear them only a couple of times until they become too small for my feet. They were right, but I felt miserable for having only fake Coach shoes or lousy, not branded athletic footwear.

Now, especially that I make my own money, I do have several pairs of shoes for pretty much every occasion in life. Can you believe that I still have my prom shoes (who would just throw away a nice, white pair of Prada shoes? That’s not me!)?

Buying famous footwear, I discovered that those shoes are actually worth the price most of the times. Not only they are better in terms of design and materials, but they are made with the customer in mind, so they very seldom hurt my feet. Usually, they fit like a glove and they turn long walks into a pleasure. Even my bridal shoes, which were not designer shoes, but some custom made ones (yes, one of my friends is a footwear designer and he made me that gift for my wedding), were so comfortable that I was able to dance all night long without feeling any pains in my feet.

My locker is rather a shoe carnival, as I love matching my footwear and accessories with my clothes. In this respect, I do have a collection of about 40 wrist watches with inter-changeable bracelets, so I can make crazy combinations when I go to parties. I like to be noticed, and since I’m not the smartest girl in town, at least I want to be the cutest and the most fashionable. It’s not cheap, I know, but I feel so good each time I get myself a new pair of slippers, or sandals, or shoes, that it’s really worth paying the price.

What I always tried was to buy shoes in the discout periods, meaning out of season, like in January, when all shops have huge discounts not only for shoes but for many other clothing products. Guess how much did I pay for my new balance sneakers? I’m not going to disclose this to you, but it surely was a sweet deal.

Although I’m an elegant lady, I still like to have sport shoes in my wardrobe. Yes, every now and then I go to the gym or I play tennis or squash, or basketball, so my Airbrushed Air Force Ones make me look cool despite of my age. What? In the highschool I used to play basketball very well!

This is about my famous shoes collection. Taking care of all these shoes requires a lot of time. Only dusting them every now and then would take me several hours. Yes, I do keep them in boxes, but still, they need to get refreshed at times, in order to maintain the vivid colors.