My Famous Shoes Collection

I’m 40. My famous shoes collection started about 25 years ago, when my feet stopped growing. Since that moment, I was so happy that I never had to worry again that my favorite pair of boots would fit me for only one season. I was thrilled that I can wear many years in a row my Nike shoes, my Air Force Ones sneakers, or my Jordan shoes. It’s useless to say that as a child, my parents refused to buy me expensive shoes, because they argued I’d wear them only a couple of times until they become too small for my feet. They were right, but I felt miserable for having only fake Coach shoes or lousy, not branded athletic footwear.

Now, especially that I make my own money, I do have several pairs of shoes for pretty much every occasion in life. Can you believe that I still have my prom shoes (who would just throw away a nice, white pair of Prada shoes? That’s not me!)?

Buying famous footwear, I discovered that those shoes are actually worth the price most of the times. Not only they are better in terms of design and materials, but they are made with the customer in mind, so they very seldom hurt my feet. Usually, they fit like a glove and they turn long walks into a pleasure. Even my bridal shoes, which were not designer shoes, but some custom made ones (yes, one of my friends is a footwear designer and he made me that gift for my wedding), were so comfortable that I was able to dance all night long without feeling any pains in my feet.

My locker is rather a shoe carnival, as I love matching my footwear and accessories with my clothes. In this respect, I do have a collection of about 40 wrist watches with inter-changeable bracelets, so I can make crazy combinations when I go to parties. I like to be noticed, and since I’m not the smartest girl in town, at least I want to be the cutest and the most fashionable. It’s not cheap, I know, but I feel so good each time I get myself a new pair of slippers, or sandals, or shoes, that it’s really worth paying the price.

What I always tried was to buy shoes in the discout periods, meaning out of season, like in January, when all shops have huge discounts not only for shoes but for many other clothing products. Guess how much did I pay for my new balance sneakers? I’m not going to disclose this to you, but it surely was a sweet deal.

Although I’m an elegant lady, I still like to have sport shoes in my wardrobe. Yes, every now and then I go to the gym or I play tennis or squash, or basketball, so my Airbrushed Air Force Ones make me look cool despite of my age. What? In the highschool I used to play basketball very well!

This is about my famous shoes collection. Taking care of all these shoes requires a lot of time. Only dusting them every now and then would take me several hours. Yes, I do keep them in boxes, but still, they need to get refreshed at times, in order to maintain the vivid colors.

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