My 5 Best Read Articles

I have been blogging over a year, and every day I check my stats at Analytics. Some posts score obviously better than other. But what are my most succesfull posts. Today I look back at my five best read articles.

#1. How I edit my Instagram photos. This is actually quite a young post, since this was posted a month ago, on the 10th of January. The titel basically says it all: In this post I show you how I edit my photos for Instagram. Not that I am a Instagram hero or anything, but apparently people like to see this a lot.

#2. L’Oreal lipstick Review: Blake’s pure red & 227 Hype. This is the post that is has the most visitors by search engines. I just bought to random lipsticks at the time, and it seems like a lot more people are interested in these beautiful lipsticks. Hype wasn’t really my colour though, but I still LOVE Blake’s Pure Red.

#3. Outfit #27: Last day of 2015. I have to be honest: This is one of my favorite outfits on the blog too. Love the sweater, love the trousers, love the necklace and love the shoes. Also, I like the photos itself. The colour are beautiful. On TFD you can definitely see that my style developes with every outfitpost I publice, and this outfit is totally me now. Classic but still so comfortable.

#4. Topshop Mini Lip Bullet Pyramids Review. When I found these little lipsticks in the Topshop Webshop I instantly loved them. Looked them up for reviews, but there weren’t any good one. Up to me, I thought, and so I reviewed them. Really like the cute packages, which is made to hang them in your christmas tree.

#5. Room Details. After living in this appartment for over a year, I am still in love with it. The Room detail post was one of the first posts on my blog. I totally get that this article was so popular, since it was one of my favorite posts too.

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