Moving Out My Experience

Someday you are going to move out and live on your own. Maybe right away when you are going to University, maybe much later. However, it always seems a little scary, but amazing too. You are dreaming about cooking whatever you like and do whatever you want. I was just like that, before I moved 4,5 months ago. Today I will tell you about my experience of moving and living on my own.Moving out and living on my own always seemed like a true adventure to me. I mostly loved the idea of getting new furniture and decorading something new. In high school I always said that I wanted to move out as soon as I got into University. The last few years I even started collecting home accessoires: cute candle holders or awesome kitchenware.

After my last year of highschool, my brother started moving out. He is two years older and stayed home the entire first year of University. My dad made us some scheduled of how expensive it would be to live on our own and to take care of ourselves. Meanwhile I was looking for rooms in Utrecht, but it seemed like a very hard job to get myself a room . That together with the costs that were higher than I expected, changed my plans. I now wanted to live home for at least some more months, so I had the time to search for a room very slowly until I found something perfect.

Which didn’t happen, because in August there was the introduction of Utrecht for all new students. It were four fun days and I realized I liked Utrecht even more than I thought and I was jealous of friends who had a room allready. Again I changed my plans: I started searching more intensive and reacting to a lot of advertisments of rooms available.

Searching for a room can be quite hard. Ninty procent of the people you’re sending messages to, don’t respond. That is understandable when you realise they get hundreds of messages, but it is still stupid. After a while I was super lucky; I found an amazing little appartment that I could rent, which I live in now. Maybe, when you too find it hard to find a nice place, you can stick together with some friends and find a appartment together. I know a few people who did that and it turned out great for them.

After that me and my parents had some painting and hard working to do in my new home. We were lucky that IKEA is literally a few blocks away. It took some weekends before I could finally move it. I couldn’t wait any longer; I was so happy!

My new place immediately started to feel like home. Whenever I open my front door now, I smile and always feel great to be here again. It truly is my place: I love every piece of furniture because I chose it myself and it all suits me.

I enjoy being and living here. It even changed me a bit. In my parent’s house, my room was super messy all the time. Now normally everything is organized and clean. I think that is because I do everything in this one room now. In The Hague I did not spend much time in my room, now I have to. I do not want to look around me and see a giant mess. I now notice that when my room is messy, I am more messy. An organized room makes me feel organized too.

I do not find it hard to take care of myself. Ofcourse I need to clean more now. Before living on my own, I only sometimes needed to vacuum my room. Now I have more householding to do; cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning the windows and doors, go grocery shopping and more. I don’t even mind doing all that. It makes me more mature and grown up. This is all a new chapter of my life and I am loving it.

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